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Leis discovers her strength in the force by accidentally-on-purpose force-choking Tarkin when he orders Alderaan destroyed. Vader takes her on as his apprentice on the spot, her own preferences be damned.

(‘My master will excuse the lose of one military politician for the sake of acquiring a…

I’m. .. really into this? Like, obi-wan, luke, han and chewie would end up on alderran and meet up with bail with the death star plans so eventually the rebel alliance would cross paths with leia and vader but it would take longer than it would in canon. I can also see leia going darkside really pretty easily (esp. with nothing else to compare force usage to…) but she would basically never be able to ally with the empire - she’s spent too much of her life rebelling against it. When her being “the daughter of Anakin Skywalker” comes out, she could actually be pretty interested in working with vader on his proposition to kill the emperor tho. For reasons, I feel like luke and obi-wan, etc. would end up “rescuing” her at some point, so you’d get leia back with the rebel alliance. For more reasons, obi-wan would survive this time around maybe and would have heart palpitations at leia’s casual dark side usage bc like he’s pretty sure casually choking ppl might be how things all went to shit the first time around. Also, leia having a heartwrenching reunion with bail - she knew she was adopted but finding out darth vader’s your birth dad (and that the guy who will always actually be your dad KNEW) is something else. Also han being like …why do I find the fact that this chick could kill me with her mind powers so hot? Omg also potentially luke’s parentage coming out when leia overhears obi wan talking about his dad, obi-wan’s bff anakin skywalker who is now tragically dead, and leia just unable to stop herself from being like omg that’s a load of horseshit. Leia being surprised how well she gets along with luke but being slightly bitter that he got to learn about his force heritage in a way that involved considerably less torture. ..

So, this got posted during my hiatus, I’m pretty sure? And I love it. Once I get off shift, I’m totally building on this, thank you, I love this addition!



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