Yo how come when the Senate refused to take action when the Trade Federation was blockading Naboo it’s okay for Padme immediately loses faith in the government but when Anakin has very little faith in most politicians based on personal experiences with slavery his ideas are dangerous and wrong

Furthermore how come Padme loses faith in the government then continues to work in said government she has no faith in for another thirteen years instead of letting her experiences with injustice on Tatooine and violence and intolerance on Naboo act as formative experiences that shape her into a different kind of leader, and then use her place of privilege to make the kind of change Anakin is powerless to

I want to know what it would actually take to turn Padme against the Republic. Theoretically, yes, she should have been against them since TPM. I think it was an interesting choice to go with her as loyal opposition in AotC and RotS, instead of setting her up as a Separatist  and making that into the seed of the Rebellion. But the Republic is corrupt, unjust, and doing a disservice to the disadvantaged of the galaxy well BEFORE it starts breeding slaves to die in a war so citizens are not directly affected. As much as the Separatists are portrayed as evil at every turn, the Republic is inarguably in the wrong.

So what does it take to actually get Padme to say fuck it? To lead an insurrection within the Republic government or to ragequit and try to break down the government from outside?

#star wars#queue#i think one of my biggest problems with post-rots rebellion material#is that they pretend like the republic wasn’t a sack of shit#it may not always have been#it was obviously better in the past#but i really dislike the way they pine for a slave empire 

I am with you a hundred percent on that. I’m always picturing, behind the image of the Great, Lost Republic people talk about, is a bunch of annoyed former separatists holding up signs of ‘[Citation Needed]’

Honestly, the Rebellion must have had some blackly hilarious meetings, where Bail Organa and Mon Mothma have to deal with former Separatists who were there for tearing down the empire, but not the rebuilding of the republic. (Separatist: Yeah, about that ‘republic’ thing … that’s not gonna work for us.)



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