Oh fuck I have a job interview. Fuck. Why did I apply to an office job, why did I think I was qualified, shit shit shit, what the hell do you even wear to an interview for an adminstrative assistant position? I need nice shoes don’t I?

Hello yes, I would say nice shoes would be a good idea, but they don’t have to be remarkable. For an interview for anything outside of a fashion industry job, it’s almost always better to strive for the most generic office worker look than to showcase your aesthetic or that you’ve got good taste. Black slacks or skirt, white shirt, sheer tights if you’re wearing a skirt, hair either pulled back or neatened without any big accessories, and one or two “extras” like a watch or a relatively plain necklace. If you can’t hit that look for budget or other reasons, try to get as close as possible- dark blue is better than brown, for example, and peaches or light blues for the shirts are better than bolder colors. If you are going to wear something patterned, smaller print is better. If you think the office is more formal, a suit jacket might not be out of place. A formality middle ground is a structured jacket or nice cardigan, in an unremarkable but nice color or print. But I know suits are expensive and you might not own one if you’ve never had an office job. It’s better to be neat and in a nice blouse than sloppy in a suit.

If it would make you feel better, I would be more than happy to offer input on any outfits you put together or shoes you pick. I bet you can do this job- competency and attitude are more important than past experience, but yours must still be solid if you got called in to interview. Whether or not you get the job, I think you should know that you can almost certainly do it. You’ve clearly got organizational skills, the ability to research, and history at keeping track of a large amount of information and forming judgements and opinions based on it. Those are real skills that are very useful in an office environment.

If you need something to talk about in regards to your personal character, I think you can definitely say you’ve got an ability to approach a situation from multiple perspectives and incorporate a lot of information into forming an effective plan of action. I’m sure there’s an anecdote in your history you can use as evidence for that if asked. I’m rooting for you!

HELLO So I dug through my adulthood tag for some posts that might help?

Common Interview Questions (with links at the end for more interview stuff, including clothing tips, hella)

Ask a Manager’s Interview Guide

More interview stuff!

Here’s more about interview questions!

Some articles with cool infographics about what to wear to work and interviews (all pretty gendered, but we all know what to expect when it comes to the business world and clothing):

Interview Infographics: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Some of these are probably going to be more helpful than others, but I hoped I helped?

Both of you were very helpful, thank you, @electraposts, @phoenixyfriend, I’m much less panicked now. Interview’s tomorrow morning, we’ll see how it goes.



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