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This short scene from “Slaves of the Republic” give an interesting insight about Anakin & Jedi Order:

despite living in Jedi Order by ~10 years, Anakin is still traumatized by slavery

looking how Obi-Wan is willing to take a child on dangerous mission and let Ahsoka play the role of slave raises a question about Jedi’s altruism. As much as Obi-Wan’s acceptance for her plan was born from pragmatism (”If you can’t produce a prize valuable enough to bid on you might not even gain admittance to the auction”) there is a little concern for Ahsoka’s safety and how the experience of being / playing slave will affect her afterwards. She may be promising padawan, but she is still a 14? 15? years old kid.

Ahsoka is willing to risk her own safety for people in need but the same as Obi-Wan, she doesn’t really understand slavery and its effect on person so her attitude could sound quite dismissive. That’s why Anakin snapped at her (later, Kenobi admitted his lack of understanding and even said though he was subjected to slavery for a brief time, he can’t imagine living with it everyday)

The fact that Ahsoka thought that playing the role of slave could be seen as similar to being bossed around by her master and how Skywalker reacted [that’s NOT FUNNY] raises a question how young Anakin felt about calling his mentor and other Jedi as [his] masters? Did it bring some traumatic memories? Did anyone explain him it was a way to show a respect toward older person, not some sign of slavery? Was there someone who helped him to adjust into Jedi Order by really understanding his life experiences and not just telling him “let it go”?

I get the feeling that both Ahsoka and Obi-Wan - and probably most of Jedi - didn’t understand slavery and its extremaly traumatic effect on people what at least for me implies that Anakin by ~10 years struggled with his past without much of real support…



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