So, hi? I’m back. Sorta. My brain is still currently at ‘no’ when it comes to social stuff, but it’s been that way for a month and a half. I miss you guys even with the brain weasels shrieking.

on the RL front: I am successfully moved into my mother’s place in Chicago, found a job, am in therapy for my ADD and anxiety issues, and have acquired a library card and a list of good bakeries.

Health is so-so. My knee is a little better, and I have an appointment with an ear-nose-and-throat for the perpetual cold, plus an allergy screening on the 28th. Sleep is a problem again, and I am very tired far too often. I’m probably going to have to have a root canal, because one of my filings came loose six months ago and decay set in, and even after replacing it there’s been issues. Overall, not great, but not as bad as it could be.

I’m starting slow, responding to one message a day. If it’s really important, please let me know via the message system. Hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things soon enough.

current work-list:

Amidala/Padme: speculation on Naboo’s political culture

Sweet Water and the Stonecutter; original fic, queerplatonic relationship between a woman and a somewhat female Construct, set in a post post-apocalyptic desert.

Anakin, Unfathered; actual coherent long-fic in this verse

Fight peacefully, don’t fight for peace; the Senator Shmi AU where Palpatine is only one corrupt politician among many. Fic focusing on how the Republic’s subtler corruption and failures exist with or without Sidious- “You cannot say the system is broken,” Shmi says to the Senator from Naboo. “It was built to do exactly what it does: serve the powerful at expense of everyone else.“
Biked across town to DMV. Went from there to pharmacy, Got my ADD meds refilled. Stopped at the bank & picked up my 2nd-to-last paycheck at work on the way home. Very hot, and stupid humid out. I feel accomplished! Now I’m going to nap.



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